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MIT Lincoln Lab Research

On 10 August 2011, MIT reported that a team of researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory developed a drug that could cure nearly any viral infection. Employing a similar methodology, Lightwater™  has been developed as a non-drug tool for reducing pathogen load and inflammation in all patients.

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How can you obtain more information about Lightwaterfor testing purposes or commercialization?

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What is Lightwater?

Lightwater™ is designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria without the need to resort to antiviral drugs and antibiotics. The unique, non-drug solution instantaneously reduces pathogen load and, simultaneously, increases Superoxide dismutase ('SODs') enzyme levels for better anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects. This aids in a speedier healing process.

What is Lightwatermade of and how does it work?

Lightwater™ is NON-DRUG. It is essentially a type of sterile water woven with non-toxic materials with strong features to rupture pathogens upon contact while keeping normal cells intact.

It is generally safe to be used internally and externally because it is WATER with no chemicals or drugs in it.  

The solution is made of 99.999% water woven with 0.001% non-toxic materials that are able to terminate viruses and other pathogens.

The secret formula of non-toxic materials in pure water enables treatment to take place at the cellular level and penetrate into pathogens. When tested for contents and toxicity, lab results show that Lightwater™ is water and, just like water, the solution is tasteless and neutral.

Since Lightwater™ is a type of sterile water, it can be used, with no adverse side effects, for intravenous and oral administrations, throat and nasal sprays, and other methods of administration.

Degradation of viral proteins and other pathogens happens through a Fenton-like kinetics technique. Lightwater™ attaches to the pathogen, causing immediate death. This is how Lightwater™ kills bacteria and viruses upon contact and in blood circulation, without killing the red blood cells and other normal cells.

What are the advantages of Lightwater™  compared to chemical disinfectants and other solutions available in the market?

The main advantages of Lightwater™ are the following features:

Antibiotics and antivirals in the market are drug-based and they are must be clinically proven effective at managing bacterial and viral infection before they are made available to end-users as medicines. Antibiotics are medicines that stop infection-causing bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, antivirals do not destroy their target pathogens but they are medicines that are designed to reduce the ability of the virus to replicate.

Meanwhile, vaccines are designed to train the immune system to combat pathogens. Vaccines creation can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore when a new virus such as the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus appeared and started to infect people in China, there was no vaccine available to protect the victims. Healthcare providers had to look for other alternatives to manage the viral load in patients, especially in cases where patients have pre-existing conditions, chronic or terminal illnesses with a low immunity level. Antivirals such as Lopinavir / Ritonavir, Favipiravir, Ribavirin, and Remdesivir are currently being experimented on COVID-19 infected patients.

What about surface disinfectants? They can kill bacteria and viruses, so why they cannot kill the viruses and bacteria in the body?

On the other hand,  surface disinfectants that are currently available in the market are useful to terminate harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and spores. They are relatively inexpensive and efficient at eliminating pathogens, but they cannot be used in the human body due to the toxic nature of those chemicals. When those chemicals are ingested or administered internally, they can cause serious illnesses or death due to toxicity; although they are capable to kill viruses and bacteria.




Quaternary Ammonium Compounds



70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution




Chlorine Compounds









Phenolic Compounds



Hydrogen Peroxide



Colloidal Silver / Nano Ag



Prior to the invention of Lightwater™, researchers established that ozonated water and ozone gas are effective at killing viruses and bacteria. However, ozone is unstable and it can be dangerous and unsafe but some researchers suggested otherwise. Therefore, we exclude ozone therapy due to its unstable and probably unsafe nature.

Why Lightwateris created?

Lightwater™ is created because it is necessary to have a stable non-drug and non-toxic solution that kills infection-causing pathogens through a universal mechanism of action, which is to bind to pathogens, immobilize and rupture them, preventing replication and serious illnesses and immediately promote a reduction in oxidative stress through a novel method to increase natural Superoxide dismutase production.

On 10 August 2011, MIT reported that a team of researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory developed a drug that could cure nearly any viral infection. Lightwater™ creation was done by emulating the interest but with a slight improvement.

Unlike the MIT report and the researchers’ endeavor, Lightwater™ is not meant to cure any viral infection. Lightwater™ is only to act as a universal non-drug tool that can reduce pathogen load significantly without being toxic to the host. Symptomatic relief can be achieved by healthcare providers observing the right clinical practice guidelines and prescribing the right medicine to manage the illness. Lightwater™ is not a solution that fixes the symptoms but the root cause of the problem - which is the pathogens that are causing illnesses.

Lightwater™ also facilitates the production of a vital enzyme known as Superoxide Dismutase to reduce inflammation and act as an antioxidant for cell recovery. When the pathogen load can be managed to a safer level and inflammation is reduced, the healing process can be accelerated. The therapeutic potentials of Superoxide Dismutase cannot be ignored because of oxidative stress during infection.

This two-pronged approach to managing pathogen load while reducing free radicals and inflammation is an established method to promote healing.

When to use Lightwater?

Lightwater™ can be used for many conditions and for different purposes. When there is a need to look for a non-conventional method to reducing pathogen load and reducing free radicals due to oxidative stress and inflammation, one can consider testing Lightwater™ for safety and efficacy in vitro, before running an in vivo test.

To verify the safety of Lightwater™ sterile water, run the following test:

Water safety analysis → pH, aerobic colony count, coliforms & E. colo, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, full range water chemistry test, heavy metals testing, chemical & mineral analysis, corrosion and scale deposit, COD, suspended solids.  

To verify the efficacy of Lightwater™ sterile water, run the following test:

        Lightwater™ achieved 4 log10 reductions in virus titer (99.9% inactivation)

        Quantitative suspension/carrier test (In Vitro)

        Yield reduction assay (In Vitro)

        Utah State University, Institute for Antiviral Research (In Vivo)

Who can use Lightwater?


Lightwater™ is not made to cure any illnesses but to manage pathogen load (reducing viruses and bacteria count to nil).

Theoretically, Lightwater™ is non-drug and it can be used by people of all ages including infants because it is 99.999% sterile water with zero chemicals and toxic materials. It can be used on human beings, animals and plants.

Lightwater™ is currently available for testing purposes for safety and efficacy.

How can Lightwaterhelp to manage the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus Problems?

Lightwater™ is a new discovery and it must be tested by interested parties for safety and efficacy. Lightwater™ technology can reduce the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus infection rate when the safety and efficacy tests are satisfied. It is believed that Lightwater™ can effectively eliminate COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus by terminating the virus and subsequently preventing the virus from replicating itself.

What else can Lightwaterpotentially do?

When the safety and efficacy of Lightwater™ are established and verified by the potential user and the authorities governing the users and the technology, Lightwater™ can help to resolve bacterial and viral infections in human beings, pets, animals and plants.

Other issues such as Ebola, Dengue, Zika, Epstein-Barr, Herpes, H1N1, H5N1, H5N6, etc.

For instance, when Lightwater™ is administered to HIV+ patients, the viral load will reduce and CD4 count will rise significantly. Lightwater™ may be able to reduce the viral load, but it cannot reverse the HIV+ condition yet. Likewise, when Lightwater™ is given to patients with dengue fever, the viral load will reduce significantly but the platelet level will not rise without supplementing bonded cysteine through oral administration.

It is important to consider that when a remedy terminates pathogens it does not necessarily work for all types of diseases, or capable of reversing damages done to the body and vital organs such as organ failures and tissue necrosis.

A testing process must be done for every potential infection and illness, to determine the safety, efficacy, and efficiency of Lightwater™ as a tool to manage pathogen load and assist in patient recovery.

How can you obtain more information about Lightwaterfor testing purposes or commercialization?

You can submit a request via email to or contact via Whatsapp or WeChat +44 7944 904162

LightWater ™



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